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New Research to Help Unstick Your Salesforce Program and Release Your ROI

Why do some companies thrive with the Salesforce platform while others stagnate?

I’ve spent 13+ years working in the Salesforce consulting ecosystem, and this question still comes up time and time again. Over the years I’ve spoken to and worked with nearly a thousand Salesforce customers, ranging from one person startups to multi-billion dollar international companies, that have used Salesforce to replace antiquated legacy systems, to eliminate manual processes, or to completely transform their business. I’ve also spoken with many customers who feel “stuck”. Stuck with an overly complex system, or one that simply isn’t living up to the expectations they had when they chose the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce does a fantastic job selling customers on the art of the possible — and rightfully so given the deeply capable and extensible platform it is. However, Salesforce’s ease of customization can result in a system going off the rails without the proper process, knowledge, and controls in place.

In general, you can build as much functionality as you like without paying Salesforce more, which is great for customers. The more you can build and automate on a platform you’re already paying for, the better return you’ll get. However, building for the sake of building doesn’t always lead to the best results.

How do companies find that middle ground so they get closer to the art of the possible without getting stuck? How do customers of different shapes and sizes manage their Salesforce system, organize their team, work with partners and create processes so their platform thrives and doesn’t stagnate?

I and the rest of the 10K team have our own anecdotal thoughts on these questions, but we wanted a way to prove them out and see if there were other factors we hadn’t thought about. So we enlisted a third party research firm to help us survey a diverse set of Salesforce customers to find out which were the most important practices and factors to achieving the greatest possible success with Salesforce.

Today, we are releasing this research to the broader ecosystem in an ebook entitled “From Project to Program: Best Practices for Highly Successful Salesforce Implementations,” now available on our website at

Of the 8 key findings and many statistics in the research report, there were lots of things that we expected. For example, the fact that 91% of companies with a Salesforce Center or Excellence reported the highest level of ROI was not a huge surprise, and sadly, neither was the fact that nearly 40% of Salesforce customers don’t have one. However, I was surprised about the very strong correlation of daily or weekly release frequency to high ROI, as well as the fact that 0% of companies who had never worked with a Salesforce consultant reported the highest level of ROI.

We want to start a “Project to Program” movement within the Salesforce ecosystem. To change the mindset of those customers and consultants who are constantly chasing down the next project, and help them see the forest for the trees. We are sharing this research with all Salesforce customers and partners with high hopes that it will help them take a look at their own practices and perhaps improve their own experience and results with the Salesforce platform. There are a number of tangible steps any organization can take to move to a program mindset which will improve their chances of success. Even if we can help just a few with these findings, we can help that movement grow.

For those interested in seeing how they stack up against the successful companies in our findings, we’re offering a free 30-minute assessment to compare existing practices against best practices. The goal is to provide strategic and tactical advice on tools, delivery processes, team structure, and other factors that will give you the greatest chance at success with the Salesforce platform. You can request your free assessment by filling out the form at the bottom of our research site.

Since this is an exercise in learning, if you have ideas or stories about what has worked for you when it comes to building a Salesforce program (or what to avoid), please share!

Press Release: 10K Research Identifies 5 Salesforce Best Practices That Lead to Higher ROI

10K’s Research Demonstrates a Strong Correlation Between High Return on Investment and Frequent Release Cycles, the Use of Architects and Centralized Governance

Louisville, KY – June 17, 2019 10K Advisors today released its newest research report, From Project to Program: Best Practices for Highly Successful Salesforce Implementations, which demonstrates the high return on investment (ROI) Salesforce customers report across nearly every demographic and the program factors most likely to increase ROI over time.

The research is based on stakeholder interviews and an independent survey, conducted by Dimensional Research, of 327 Salesforce program owners across North America and Europe.

The research indicates most Salesforce projects are considered a success — 97% of Salesforce users reported they saw a return on their investment. However, only 14% of survey respondents reported the highest level of ROI. According to the research, those who did report the highest levels of return shared these practices:

Establish program success metrics. The research shows a culture of measurement matters more than any specific metric. 91% of those who give their implementation an “A” grade and 93% of those who report very high ROI track success metrics as part of their program.

Consider a Salesforce Center of Excellence (CoE). 91% of organizations who report very high ROI say they have a way to centrally manage best practices and roadmaps.

Use an architect early and often. The vast majority of respondents who report “A” grades (73%) and the highest return on investment (82%) always work with a technical or solutions architect. Unfortunately, technical architects command some of the highest salaries in the ecosystem (averaging $150K USD) and architect job openings outpace available talent 10 to 1.

Release as frequently as possible. 10K’s research shows a correlation between frequent release cycles and higher ROI. 73% of respondents reporting very high return release either continuously or daily. Only 6% of those who report very high return release quarterly or less frequently.

Partner with consultants to build and improve your system. According to 10K’s research, the more contractors are engaged, the higher the reported ROI. 47% of respondents who reported the highest level of ROI had their entire implementation built by a partner.

Detailed findings in each of these areas can be found in 10K’s Project to Program ebook, which can be downloaded at

“Many Salesforce customers are now operating on multi-year contracts, yet too many still work in a project vs program mindset,” said Nick Hamm, CEO of 10K Advisors. “We want to help change that. This research helps us understand how companies of different shapes and sizes manage their Salesforce implementations and what program practices result in the greatest success.”

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