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Innovation Expedition: 10K Connect 2023 Highlights

As 2023 comes to a close, it’s rewarding and fun to reflect on what has been delivered across 10K Connect, our purpose-built Work Management and DevOps platform. Major advances touched virtually every facet of Connect, driving new dimensions of efficiency, visibility, and collaboration for our community of experts and customers. 

Streamlined Work Management

Several powerful enhancements transformed Connect’s work management suite, headlined by the launch of inline editing for Stories. Users can now update details directly within Story detail pages and lists for greater speed and convenience. The 10K team also rolled out a Story data table view with filters, column customization, sticky settings, and more – allowing for efficient data access and analysis.

Other key Work Management enhancements included:

  • Integrated AI writing assistants to instantly generate release notes and test plans
  • New time tracking and field history subtabs on Stories and Tasks
  • Enhanced visibility into open Tasks from the Story level
  • Over 40 other user experience upgrades

Improved DevOps Capabilities

On the DevOps front, Connect expanded release management functionality and completely revamped the user experience. Fresh features touched every corner of the DevOps module, with the UX redesigned for Code Scans, Releases, and the metadata package builder. 

Other major DevOps advancements encompassed:

  • Pages redesigned for Connections and Metadata Snapshots
  • Enhanced Code Scan severity control and the ability to export results
  • Granular permissions to restrict user access by Connection
  • Ongoing reliability and performance boosts

Empowering Expertise Through Learning

Supporting 10K’s expert community remained an emphasis this year, marked by significant opportunities for upskilling, certifications, and partnerships. The learning management system was reimagined as 10K Climb – primed to deliver technical education through a growing library of online courses.

What’s Next for 10K Connect?

If 2023 proved anything, it’s that the 10K Connect roadmap is ambitious. Expect the innovation to continue at the same rapid pace next year. With advances in AI, delivery automation, and analytics, we’ll continue trailblazing to empower teams and drive expert and customer success. One thing is for certain: the best is yet to come!