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Meet Matthew Rothman, 10K’s New ISV Partner Manager

Today, we proudly announce that Matthew Rothman has joined the 10K team as our first ISV Partner Manager! 

Matthew started his professional services career in the Microsoft ecosystem but transitioned to the Salesforce space over 10 years ago. From the jump, he embraced the mantra, “If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist” – something he repeats to customers quite often. Having worked for several SIs and ISVs in sales and delivery, Matthew’s background and expertise will bring a valuable perspective to 10K’s ISV Partner Program

Read on to learn more about Matthew and his vision for his new role as our ISV Partner Manager. 

You’re 10K’s first ISV Partner Manager. What is your vision for the role, and what are you most excited to accomplish in your first year? 

I’m eager to provide value and support for 10K’s Expert Community, our current ISV partner roster, and our future partners. My focus will be working closely with the 10K Community so I can identify and pursue ISV partnerships that will benefit from and expand our on-demand consulting model. I also look forward to working alongside our ISV Delivery Manager, John Receveur, to ensure our experts and partners are synced up for successful solution delivery.

Additionally, I want to ensure that our ISV partners have all the support they need to grow their software practice. By leveraging 10K’s on-demand experts, our partners can focus on building great products without worrying about balancing professional services delivery. Our community can introduce them to customers they never would have been exposed to without 10K. 

10K’s on-demand consulting model is unique in our industry. Why do you believe in the model, and why do you think what we’re doing matters so much in the Salesforce ecosystem?

10K has built an innovative consulting model that more effectively supports complex digital transformation initiatives while guaranteeing a better customer experience. Our on-demand services give Salesforce customers the freedom to ramp up or down seamlessly to fit their evolving needs. Flexibility is one of our key differentiators. 

10K’s vision is to give people the freedom to excel at the work they love. How do you see yourself and your role in this vision?

My role is to collaborate with our community of independent Salesforce consultants. We are focused on supporting their career and business goals and determining how we can realize those goals together. It’s essential to understand the type of ISV partner our experts are interested in working with and their goals in working with a particular solution. It’s all about providing opportunities for our expert community to strengthen their skill sets and deepen their experience across cutting-edge technologies. 

What is your favorite adventure?

Snowboarding out west! 

The 10K View: TrailblazerDX 2024 Takeaways

TrailblazerDX is the premier event for Salesforce ‘builders’ (architects, developers, admins, and more) looking to sharpen their skills and drive innovation for their own businesses. With 300+ technical sessions and hands-on workshops, TDX is a bustling and inspiring forum to learn new skills and ways to leverage the latest platform features. 

In this blog, our team offers their top insights from TDX 2024, covering everything from AI to the future of Data Cloud, Einstein, and the power of diversity in tech.

Latino and Hispanic Trailblazers are growing their representation

Katie Villanueva, Salesforce Administrator 

Networking at TDX is more than just a necessity for me. It’s a platform for personal growth and learning. This year, I had the opportunity to venture into the Latino and Hispanic community with the LatinX Community Meetup and my session #LatinasInTech: Speaking Up and Speaking Out. These experiences were not just enlightening but also a testament to the diverse and inclusive nature of the Salesforce ecosystem. 

As a member of the Latinx and Hispanic community, I’m proud to see our representation in the Salesforce ecosystem growing. We bring a wealth of knowledge and potential to the table. The 10K team’s focus on expanding our mission to more Latinx and Hispanic Trailblazers is a significant step. It not only helps us support Spanish-speaking clients but also empowers more Latinos and Hispanics to excel in the work they love.

Einstein is here to stay but has some growing up to do

Matthew Lamb, Chief Technology Officer

Data Cloud was on full display. Salesforce doubled down by promoting some compelling built-in features. If I had to name the most impactful feature, it would be the ability to take real-time action on the customer data across your company with Data Actions. There is certainly some complexity to deal with, but it is powerful. We can start to get our hands on it now with a Data Cloud Dev Org

The pricing for Data Cloud is unknown at this point. Still, based on some conversations I had and the Dev Org being listed as a “free, 5-day Developer Edition org with Data Cloud,” my money is on a consumption or usage-based pricing model.

Additionally, Einstein is making its way into the core Salesforce platform in a broader way. There was a ton of focus on Einstein Copilot and how to embed it for day-to-day CRM use cases. Here are the highlights I took away:

  • Einstein for Developers brings AI into VS Code with a straightforward VS Code extension, allowing users to generate code using natural language prompts, inline auto-complete, as well as unit test generation for Apex
  • Einstein for Flow extends the same natural language generation capabilities to the Flow platform
  • There are a number of other compelling features such as Einstein LLM gateway, Einstein Prompt Builder, Einstein Copilot Actions indicating that Einstein is here to stay, even if it does still feel a little far off at the moment. 

Roadmap sessions are always a fan favorite, and The Future of User Management is particularly exciting. Features like policy-based user access rights, a one-page summary of a given user’s access, ‘Where is this used?’ for public groups, insight into where a given user permission is coming from, and more are some of the most impactful features for Admins that have been discussed in years.

Overall, it was great to see an entire track of sessions dedicated to the Well-Architected framework. All of the sessions I attended were packed. Hopefully, that will come back to Dreamforce and future TDX events.

AI and Data Cloud paint a promising future for Salesforce 

Nick Hamm, Chief Executive Officer 

Salesforce’s long-term strategy for Data cloud is more real than I initially gave it credit for. Data Cloud’s most compelling differentiator is giving companies the ability to aggregate customer data from a number of other systems using prebuilt connectors. From there, they can securely train Salesforce’s AI on their data to drive automation and insights back into the CRM and Marketing platforms.

Data Cloud has the opportunity to make Salesforce even stickier. Data is like gravity. It has a center of mass, and the more data you have in one place, the harder it is to move away. But it also makes a lot of sense for Salesforce customers with lots of data about their customers to aggregate that data in Data Cloud and use AI to help them expand their customer relationships. I’m excited to help Salesforce customers realize the value of these new capabilities over the years to come.

The 10K View of Salesforce TDX 2024 

The 10K team is proud to contribute to TDX year after year. Our Chief Customer Officer, Mike Martin, hosted a session on “Adding AI to Your Admin Toolkit” and a networking hour that combined the fun of building LEGO and Salesforce. Katie Villanueva, our Salesforce Admin, participated in the #LatinasInTech panel: Speaking Up and Speaking Out and hosted a coloring break session with the Salesforce Mental Health + Illness User Group. If you made the time to stop by these events or say hello to our team this year, thank you. 

The 10K team at TDX 2024

Meet John Receveur, 10K’s New ISV Delivery Manager

Today, we proudly announce that John Receveur has joined the 10K team as our first ISV Delivery Manager! 

John has played in nearly all corners of the Salesforce ecosystem. His first foray with Salesforce was as an end user, primarily for sales pipeline management. After finding interest in the technology itself, John joined a Salesforce ISV to help create an improved mobile experience for the platform. Most recently, he was on the SI partner side, where he supported delivery to sales engineering and developing go-to-market strategies for several industry-specific solutions. John’s unique background and experience make him an exciting addition to 10K’s internal team and ISV Partner Program

Read on to learn more about John and his vision for his new role as our ISV Delivery Manager. 

You’re 10K’s first ISV Delivery Manager. What is your vision for the role, and what are you most excited to accomplish in your first year? 

We share a common goal with each of our ISV partners: to provide a successful solution delivery and exceptional customer experience. My job is to ensure our experts and partners are equipped to deliver scalable and repeatable success across every engagement for every customer.   

Additionally, we want to help our ISV partners grow their businesses by supporting their engagements with the Salesforce ecosystem’s most elite experts. With 10K managing the delivery of our partners’ solutions, we can help them open doors to new customers. In my first year, I am most excited about empowering our expert community to deepen their 10K skills and capabilities amongst our ISV partner solutions. 

10K’s on-demand consulting model is unique in our industry. Why do you believe in the model, and why do you think what we’re doing matters so much in the Salesforce ecosystem?

10K has designed a consulting model that allows for flexibility, both for customers and independent Salesforce consultants. Given the rapidly evolving nature of enterprise technology applications, the ability to be flexible and quickly ramp up and deploy new solutions with trusted expertise is paramount. 

10K’s vision is to give people the freedom to excel at the work they love. How do you see yourself and your role in this vision?

For the ISV ecosystem specifically, we give our expert community the option to broaden their skills in solutions that we have determined to have large growth prospects in the marketplace. Conversely, we are providing our partners the freedom to focus on the work they love doing (building great products), while we manage the successful implementation of these solutions. 

What is your favorite adventure?

Outside of raising 3 children? Backcountry skiing in Canada!