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News: 4 signs Salesforce skills demand outpaces talent pool

TechTarget’s Albert McKeon covers the top findings from 10K Advisors’ annual Salesforce Talent Ecosystem report, explaining the opportunities and challenges that surround the growing demand for technical Salesforce skills.

“The Salesforce universe keeps expanding, further propelling a demand for qualified professionals who understand its technical underpinnings and customer-facing services. In fact, those with a deep technical grasp of Salesforce can pretty much “write their own ticket” when searching for an employer or seeking clients who use Salesforce products, according to 10K Advisors, a consultancy in Louisville, Ky., focusing solely on Salesforce. In its recent study of the cloud computing giant’s admin and developer ecosystem that included certified and noncertified professionals, 10K Advisors found the Salesforce skills demand outpaces the number of available workers, leaving Salesforce customers scrambling for help.”

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