Press Release: 10K Research Identifies 5 Salesforce Best Practices That Lead to Higher ROI

10K’s Research Demonstrates a Strong Correlation Between High Return on Investment and Frequent Release Cycles, the Use of Architects and Centralized Governance

Louisville, KY – June 17, 2019 10K Advisors today released its newest research report, From Project to Program: Best Practices for Highly Successful Salesforce Implementations, which demonstrates the high return on investment (ROI) Salesforce customers report across nearly every demographic and the program factors most likely to increase ROI over time.

The research is based on stakeholder interviews and an independent survey, conducted by Dimensional Research, of 327 Salesforce program owners across North America and Europe.

The research indicates most Salesforce projects are considered a success — 97% of Salesforce users reported they saw a return on their investment. However, only 14% of survey respondents reported the highest level of ROI. According to the research, those who did report the highest levels of return shared these practices:

Establish program success metrics. The research shows a culture of measurement matters more than any specific metric. 91% of those who give their implementation an “A” grade and 93% of those who report very high ROI track success metrics as part of their program.

Consider a Salesforce Center of Excellence (CoE). 91% of organizations who report very high ROI say they have a way to centrally manage best practices and roadmaps.

Use an architect early and often. The vast majority of respondents who report “A” grades (73%) and the highest return on investment (82%) always work with a technical or solutions architect. Unfortunately, technical architects command some of the highest salaries in the ecosystem (averaging $150K USD) and architect job openings outpace available talent 10 to 1.

Release as frequently as possible. 10K’s research shows a correlation between frequent release cycles and higher ROI. 73% of respondents reporting very high return release either continuously or daily. Only 6% of those who report very high return release quarterly or less frequently.

Partner with consultants to build and improve your system. According to 10K’s research, the more contractors are engaged, the higher the reported ROI. 47% of respondents who reported the highest level of ROI had their entire implementation built by a partner.

Detailed findings in each of these areas can be found in 10K’s Project to Program ebook, which can be downloaded at

“Many Salesforce customers are now operating on multi-year contracts, yet too many still work in a project vs program mindset,” said Nick Hamm, CEO of 10K Advisors. “We want to help change that. This research helps us understand how companies of different shapes and sizes manage their Salesforce implementations and what program practices result in the greatest success.”

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