Salesforce Operational Excellence Handbook: A Guide to Getting the Most ROI from Salesforce

Download the guide to maximizing your Salesforce program ROI.

It’s always the right time to restrategize and further integrate Salesforce with your business and operations — whether you just started building your Salesforce foundation or are simply looking to get more from the investment you already made.

Download our Salesforce Operational Excellence Handbook to learn how to establish a Salesforce Center of Excellence (COE) and get the most bang from your investment. Topics covered include: 

  • Team roles and structure

  • Delivery standards and processes 

  • Change management 

  • End-user support 

  • Education and growth 

This handbook was developed based on content from our 6-part COE blog series (below) and research from our Salesforce Project to Program Best Practices report:

Why a COE should be the CEO of your Salesforce Program

The Roles and Structure That Guide a Successful Salesforce COE

How to Build a Well Oiled Delivery Machine for Your Salesforce COE

Process that Speeds, Not Slows: Establishing an Effective Governance Model for Salesforce

Why a Support Process is a Vital Component of a Salesforce COE

Education is the Best Way to Get More from Salesforce

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