Introducing 10K’s “Ask the Expert” Webinar Series for Salesforce Professionals

Webinars may be old school, but they can still be surprisingly helpful. 

That’s why we at 10K Advisors are creating a new educational webinar series called “Ask an Expert” to provide valuable information to our customers, partners and experts. Whether you’re a new Salesforce customer looking to get more from your investment, or a long-time Salesforce consultant looking for ways to grow your career or better serve your customers, we hope this blog series will have something for you. We promise it won’t be a sales pitch, just honest advice from actual Salesforce practitioners. 

This week we held our first webinar, “From Salesforce Admin to Entrepreneur,” providing personal and practical advice to those who are thinking about starting or expanding a business in the Salesforce ecosystem. The content, which is based on a presentation that Mike Martin and Nick Hamm gave at last year’s WITness Success event in Nashville, covers everything from finding the right advisors, to creating growth plans, to developing contingency plans in case things go sideways. You can view the recording below, or click here to download our free new business checklist that we created for session attendees.

Our next “Ask the Expert” webinar will be an interview with 10K Expert Ines Garcia on the topic of Pardot vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Ines is a 10K expert based in London who is an Agile Coach and a Salesforce MVP, and specializes in digital marketing. Ines has a great perspective on what organizations should or shouldn’t do when it comes to using a platform and a range of product offerings like Salesforce

Register here for the April 23, 2020 webinar at 10am ET.

Our May webinar will focus on a day in the life of a Salesforce architect, and what some of the telltale signs are that you need an architect on your project. In June we’ll hit on the hot topic of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software. Follow us on Twitter (@10Kview) or LinkedIn (/10k-advisors) for specific dates and times of these webinars and more coming soon. 

If you’re like us and working from home, why not take the opportunity to learn from other experts out there on how to jumpstart your career or business, and improve your Salesforce execution? 

And if there are webinar topics you personally would like to see, please let us know by emailing advisors@10kview.com.


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