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3 Bite-Sized Salesforce Tasks You Can Get Off Your Plate Today

Whether you’ve been a Salesforce customer for one month, one year, or one decade, you’re well aware there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to making Salesforce fit perfectly within your organization. 

Ultimately, your Salesforce program should serve your unique end-users, specific processes, and evolving business needs and not the other way around. To make the difference between a program that’s just OK and one that’s indispensable to your business, it’s often the little ways in which you tweak your Salesforce system that make life easier for you as an admin and for your users.

Many of these customizations live as tasks on your backlog for months, not because they aren’t important, but because there are often bigger fires to put out or more urgent priorities. But these quick wins can make a big impact and lead to much higher ROI and usage of the system. And in many cases, these small tasks don’t require an extensive amount of time or money (think a few hundred up to a few thousand dollars). 

So whether your internal team is stretched too thin or lacking the necessary skills to move a project forward, here are a few recommended bite-sized tasks you should consider outsourcing to a Salesforce expert. 

Automate a Process 

Task: Automate record creation

Example Use Case: Do you manage projects, orders, or renewals as part of your business? If so, why not automate the creation of Project, Order, or Opportunity records and their associated data when certain other data elements are in place (e.g. an Opportunity is Closed Won)? This can not only make your workflow more efficient, but it can also improve your data quality. 

Task: Automate data updates to records 

Example Use Case: Automating data updates to an Account record based on its related records can provide even more transparency to your users. This could include “Customer Status” (do they have any Won Opportunities?), “Support Status” (do they have any open Cases?), or summary metrics for things such as open invoice or total payment amounts.

Build a Custom User Experience

Task: Improve data entry for parent/child records

Example Use Case: A lot of data models include parent/child objects with one-to-many relationships. If you need to create or edit multiple child records at one time, standard Salesforce navigation isn’t the best for your users. This is where building a custom interface in Visualforce or Lightning can save the day by making data entry user friendly and efficient.

Task: Build analytics inline on your record detail pages

Example Use Case: Using charts and graphs to visualize historical data and trends can drastically improve user efficiency and user experience. Consider adding an order, product, and/or payment history chart to the Account page to give your users critical information at a glance while they are reviewing key Account details.

Check the Health of Your Org

Task: Check up on your Apex code quality

Example Use Case: Bad code can slow down your org, create suboptimal user experiences, and stop you from building new functionality. It’s never too late to ensure your code is following best practices, guaranteeing its consistency, readability, and ability to scale.

Task: Review the security architecture of your org

Example Use Case: Security and data access tools in Salesforce are multilayered and always evolving. It’s a good idea to periodically review how your org is using Sharing Rules, Profiles, and Permission Sets to ensure your security architecture not only meets the needs of your users but is also set up with the most efficient and easily manageable configuration.

At 10K, we’re committed to making sure Salesforce customers are getting the most out of their investment. If you’re ready to start clearing out your backlog one task at a time, our global expert community is available and ready to dig in. To get started, contact us today


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