Vamsi Gosu

Salesforce Architect

“The 10K team makes it easy for us to focus on the technical work. My team and I especially love working on their platform, 10K Connect. We’re able to manage our hours, invoices, releases, and communications all in one place — the transparency makes partnering with 10K a great experience.”

Favorite adventure: Skydiving in Sydney and New Zealand

What was your first “ah-ha!” moment before going independent in the Salesforce ecosystem?

It was when I first became a Salesforce MVP in 2014 and, around the same time, had the opportunity to lead the Developer community group in Sydney, Australia. Seeing the community involvement and working closely with other experts gave me the exposure and confidence to go out on my own. The Salesforce expert community is truly one-of-a-kind. 

How does working with 10K let you focus on the work you love? 

The flexibility to choose the type of projects that align with our [TechForce Services] strengths. 10K also gives us the opportunity to explore new industries and challenges where we can expand our skills. 

How does partnering with 10K help you build your business? 

Partnering with 10K helps us continue to diversify and multiply our services, and having exposure to their customer network has been instrumental in growing TechForce Services. Our Salesforce experts are some of the brightest in the ecosystem, and with 10K they’ve been connected with projects that let their skills shine. 

Why do you like being part of the 10K Community?

We love working on their platform, 10K Connect. It’s an awesome tool that allows us to track our work, invoices, releases, and hours. In our experience with other partner communities, there’s usually a lot of manual follow-ups and emailing back and forth. It becomes a time drain and difficult to deliver quality work, especially when supporting multiple customers across different timezones. 

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