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Driving the career and life you want
Bill Powell
Salesforce Solutions Architect
Flexing your skills to meet new challenges
Ifeanyi Nwangwu
Salesforce Developer
Realizing it's the art of the possible
Velma McConnell
Salesforce Solution Architect
Finding support with a like-minded community
Tiffany Shabazz
Salesforce Architect
Envisioning a path for continued growth
Ian McCarthy
Salesforce Consultant and Admin
Advancing with community and partnerships
Shantelle Smith
Salesforce Consultant and Admin
Making more time for professional growth
Chibu Anyanwu
Salesforce Project Manager
Expanding your business into new markets
Olivier Spehner
Salesforce Architect
Choosing entrepreneurship for the work you love
Justin Fleming
Salesforce Architect and Developer
Tapping into creativity to build innovative solutions
John Bratt
Salesforce Technical Architect
Growing your business with like-minded entrepreneurs
Jordan Nelson
Salesforce Solution Architect
Determining your worth as an experienced Salesforce expert
Tasha Rucker
Salesforce Architect
Curating true work-life balance to put family first
Daniel Gualotuna
Salesforce Consultant
Making more time to experience what you love
David Ragsdale
Salesforce Architect
Edge Networks scales quickly with 10K Experts
Michael Chase
VP Systems, Edge Networks
AuditMate builds a Center of Excellence with 10K Experts
Andrea Arceneaux
CTO, AuditMate
Hyland streamlines its org with specialized talent
Devon Allen
Enterprise Applications Lead, Hyland
BoldPeak expands its services offerings with 10K Task
Jackie Teravainen
Owner, BoldPeak, Inc.
Betting on a new career and adventure
Sean Fielding
Salesforce Technical Architect
Making entrepreneurial dreams a reality
Joe Melchor
Salesforce Consultant, Solution Architect
Defining the "why" for going independent
Jess Battle
Salesforce Solution Architect
Building a business you love with camaraderie
Michael Brandwein
Salesforce Consultant, Solution Architect
Advancing your skillset through collaboration with other experts
Sherri Amstutz
Salesforce Project Manager
Focusing on the work that really matters
Vamsi Gosu
Salesforce Architect
ATS tackles a new market with 10K and Field Service Lightning
Tracie Pruden
CIO, Advanced Turf Solutions
Nextech meets its education mission on a tight budget
Karen Jung
President and Co-Founder, Nextech
Morgan & Morgan modernizes to protect its clients
Keith Sadler
VP of Platform, Morgan & Morgan
Gaining flexibility to explore your passions
Ines Garcia
Salesforce Consultant, Solution Architect
Creating your own career with independent consulting
Pierre Desjardins
Salesforce Consultant
Finding your niche to deliver meaningful work
John Mitchell
Salesforce Solution Architect, Consultant
Expanding your client base to strengthen your skillsets
Jackie Teravainen
Salesforce Consultant
Embracing new challenges with seasoned support
Emily Hinck
Salesforce Solution Architect, Consultant
A single source of truth for Salesforce’s PR team
Kristofer Konietzko
Senior Director of Global Comms Operations, Salesforce
Ditching imposter syndrome to realize your full potential
Christina McLoughlin
Salesforce Architect, Consultant

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