Shantelle Smith

Salesforce Consultant and Admin

“10K offers me unparalleled access to high-caliber Salesforce projects and aligns with my passion for delivering impactful solutions.”

Favorite adventure: Traveling around Madrid, Spain for two months

What was your first “ah-ha!” moment before going independent in the Salesforce ecosystem?

At the start of my Salesforce career, I realized there was much to learn. I wanted to capitalize on gaining as much experience as I could. Independent consulting has afforded me the opportunity to work on diverse projects that keep my skills sharp. I am also able to choose projects that align with my skills and interests that not only enhance my work-life balance but also increase my job satisfaction and professional growth.

What are some of your favorite parts about being an independent Salesforce consultant? 

I enjoy translating business requirements into streamlined Salesforce solutions and the variety of challenges that foster continuous learning. As an independent, I have the freedom to work across different industries, business models, and processes. I am constantly sharpening my skills and getting exposure to a variety of challenges. 

Another thing I love is the ability to choose projects that align with my interests and expertise. This fuels my passion for the work that I do. It’s a joy to see the direct impact of my work on my client’s success.

How does working with 10K let you focus on the work you love? 

The 10K team connects me with projects that match my expertise and interests. Their matchmaking experience ensures I am engaged in meaningful and fulfilling projects for my career. They also handle the contract, billing, and client communications, which frees up my time to concentrate on delivering excellent work. 10K clients also understand the value of working with independent Salesforce experts—we’re invested in and dedicated to our client’s success. 

How does working with 10K help you build your business? 

Through 10K’s vibrant ecosystem, I’ve expanded my professional network, collaborated with other top-tier Salesforce experts, and built lasting partnerships that have directly contributed to the growth and diversification of my consulting business at Shantelle Smith LLC.

My association with 10K has significantly boosted my visibility within the vast Salesforce ecosystem. This visibility is not just about being seen; it’s about being recognized as a trusted expert in a community that values quality and expertise. My collaboration with 10K has opened doors to a world where my business can thrive on the principles of partnership and networking, which sets a foundation for growth and success.

How has 10K shaped your career or advanced your skills?

My partnership with 10K has been a journey of transformation and a game-changer for my career. They provide me with opportunities to enhance my marketability and project delivery capabilities. For example, their ISV Partner Program empowered me to achieve new certifications and broaden my expertise in CPQ with’s specialized training. 

Why do you like being part of the 10K Community? 

10K provides a sense of belonging. Its community of Salesforce experts is incredibly supportive. I love having access to a platform for sharing knowledge, celebrating victories, and staying at the forefront of Salesforce innovation.

Every member of 10K has a voice. It’s a supportive atmosphere that’s instrumental in navigating Salesforce’s complexities and thriving within the ecosystem.

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