Michael Chase

VP Systems, Edge Networks

“10K Experts had my back and helped me succeed without hiring an army – and quickly. I had full trust and confidence in 10K and OpMentors to help grow my business. ”

Industry: Next-gen television provider

OpMentors is a trusted partner of 10K. When their rapidly-growing client, Edge Networks, needed an experienced systems integrator, OpMentors brought in 10K to connect them with the right talent. 

What was the goal of your partnership with OpMentors / 10K?

Setting up our business to scale was our number one priority. We also needed to grow faster than our ability to hire. My goal was to identify a high-quality systems integrator that also understood our need to scale with the deep experience to build us a successful roadmap. We needed someone who could turn on the gas to accomplish an initiative without hitting any major bumps in the road. 

OpMentors and 10K have been essential to our growth because they allowed us to pivot quickly without hiring an army. I needed a partner who could offer maintenance agreements and keep someone available when we needed to scale up or down. Whenever I needed them, I could call, and they were there at the ready. 

What challenges were you experiencing that led to this effort?

What determines whether a company fails or succeeds is its backend. We needed systems that could scale without breaking the bank, and Salesforce fit the bill. 

We love the out-of-the-box modules, like FinancialForce, which led us to work with OpMentors to get us up and running. 10K stepped in to connect us with highly qualified Salesforce talent to work out the complexities and design solutions. Their partnership helped Edge Networks evolve quickly. 

What made you want to work with OpMentors / 10K?

Capabilities, people, and culture – they had all three. 

From my perspective, OpMentors and 10K were the clear picks because they’re easy to work with, logical, rational, and highly detail-oriented. And we interviewed a lot of firms. 

I’ve worked with many admins, developers, etc. and I’ve realized they’re not all created equal or easy to work with. Sometimes they treat you like a check and aren’t truly invested in your success. I can understand that, but that’s the kind of people I want to work with. 

Working with OpMentors and 10K I felt heard and respected, and sometimes that meant pushing back when I asked for crazy things. It’s good to get that kind of perspective and feedback. We were able to get to the right path faster because they know their stuff inside and out. 

Did working with OpMentors / 10K save you time and/or money?

Absolutely. Systems integrators cost more than hiring your own full-time employee, but I can’t afford to hire 15 different disciplines to tackle the problem. Additionally, I don’t have time to manage all those different skill sets. Having OpMentors and 10K provide and manage our talent has saved us countless hours and a lot of money.

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