Keith Sadler

VP of Platform, Morgan & Morgan

“We have so many ideas for solutions that can help the business and our clients but don’t always have the technical expertise in-house to bring those ideas to life. 10K has been a trusted extension of our team, working with us on both strategy and execution. ”

Industry: Law, Professional Services

What was the goal of your work with 10K?

Our primary goal was to make our case intake process as efficient as possible, helping our teams qualify the right cases, route them to the right department, and ultimately, achieve better outcomes for our customers.

What challenges were you experiencing that led to this effort?

As the U.S.’s largest personal injury law firm, Morgan & Morgan handles a huge volume of inbound cases, taking in almost 2,000,000 calls per year and 40,000 web inquiries per month. All of these need to be handled with care and with a personal touch, but we also have to keep our operational costs in check as we grow. To maintain this balance and prepare us for the future, we had to modernize the firm’s existing call center application. This required moving 100+ visual workflows from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, and building a new customer search page to help us manage the growing number of inbound calls. 

Moving all of those flows to Lightning required a tremendous amount of work rebuilding features so they would run correctly, and we needed to stagger it so we didn’t disrupt the day-to-day business. This was also only one of many projects our team had going. We were also building important new functionality for the business and managing the transition off our back-office legacy systems, so we couldn’t let this be a distraction from all our other priorities.

How did you get everything done?

With a great team, hard work and a lot of creativity. We originally planned to migrate all our flows to Lightning, which would have required quite a bit of rebuilding to ensure certain functions worked when we migrated. The 10K team helped us figure out a creative way to run legacy flows in Classic mode, which allowed us to phase the migration of flows based on priority and volume vs. trying to “big bang” it. That was a massive save for us, and ultimately allowed us to get important new functionality to the business 10x faster than we originally planned.

Why did you select 10K as your partner?

We’ve been working with 10K for more than 2 years now with the same development team. That kind of consistency is pretty rare in this business, and they’ve been able to scale up and down as our business needs.

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