Karen Jung

President and Co-Founder, Nextech

“With 10K, I don’t even feel like a client, it’s like they are just an extension of our team. The communication is great and they are super transparent about what I get for my budget. With other partners, the scoping alone could take forever and yet everything seemed out of scope.”

Industry: Non-profit, Education

What was the impetus for 10K’s relationship with Nextech?

Nextech is an education-focused non-profit that gives K-12 students in Indiana access to the computer science skills needed to thrive in today’s digital economy. Like many not-for-profit organizations, we have a noble vision but a lot to get done on a very tight budget. 

We had been using Salesforce as a foundation for most of our programs, interactions, and financials, but the underlying data model had become convoluted as we evolved. This made it difficult for us to take advantage of new, advanced features in Lightning and created inconsistencies and challenges in reporting. We couldn’t fully trust our data and found it difficult to automate processes that would help us scale. We needed a partner that not only knew the ins and outs of the Salesforce platform but could also help us focus on the right things.

Could you give an example of how our work helped automate or simplify a process?

At Nextech, we do a lot of training workshops to provide a baseline of computer science skills and cultivate students’ passion for technology. It was extremely time-consuming for our team to manage all the aspects of these training workshops. Having our limited number of staff manually managing invites, sending reminders and follow-ups, and complying with certification requirements prevented them from doing other more critical things for the organization. We wanted to automate as much of this process as possible using Salesforce.

What results did you experience?

The work we did with 10K greatly simplified our system architecture and data model, which ultimately helped us improve our data and streamlined our business processes. We reduced our custom record types and page layouts from more than 20 to 6.  This allowed us to automate our training processes, saving Nextech staff more than 420 hours of manual work. It also enabled them to focus more on fundraising, grant writing, and curriculum development. We’ve now trained 2,000+ teachers and 100+ students on critical computer science skills, and that’s just the beginning. 


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