Justin Fleming

Salesforce Architect and Developer

“10K has been instrumental in shaping my career. They gave me the launchpad to start my own Salesforce consulting business.”

Favorite adventure: One of my family’s most cherished adventures was our trip to Japan–even with a toddler in tow. We embraced the challenge of child travel and created beautiful memories while exploring and sharing quality time together.

What was your first “ah-ha!” moment before going independent in the Salesforce ecosystem?

The moment was when my wife and I decided to start a family. Soon after diving into the world of freelancing, I realized the incredible worth of flexibility and freedom. I knew going independent would not only give me the priceless ability to be picky about the projects I took on but also let me chase after the “fun” ones that truly spark my passion. Looking back, the decision to go out on my own was a no-brainer.

How has 10K shaped your career? 

10K has been instrumental in shaping my career. They gave me the launchpad to start my own Salesforce consulting business. Moreover, they have provided invaluable learning and growth opportunities by engaging me in client projects that expand my knowledge and deliver substantial value.

How does working with 10K let you focus on the work you love?

With 10K, I have the privilege of pursuing my passions, which include tackling complex business problems like integrations and automation enhancements and creating new automations to streamline workflows for end users. 

While I find immense satisfaction in implementing significant features that improve data tracking, growth, scalability, and overall processes, I also enjoy crafting the little things that greatly enhance end users’ daily lives. Whether it’s a seamless flow with clicks, code, or a little of both, I love simplifying mundane tasks to empower individuals to focus on solving larger business challenges.

How does working with 10K help you build your business?

I’m passionate about helping businesses thrive with Salesforce, and as a Developer and Architect, I’m truly passionate about the art of problem-solving. Collaborating with 10K allows me to provide my expertise to clients I wouldn’t have connected with on my own. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my Salesforce consultancy, Clicks N Code, and how 10K will help me reach new heights.

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