Jackie Teravainen

Salesforce Consultant

“Having access to and support from a deep network of 10K Experts is a game-changer. I don’t feel like I am ‘alone’ as an independent consultant anymore.”

Favorite adventure: Working as boat crew for three months and crossing the Panama Canal

What was your first “ah-ha!” moment before going independent in the Salesforce ecosystem? 

Realizing that the skills I possessed – both hard and soft – were uniquely mine. And I could create business relationships and negotiate and close opportunities on my own accord.

How has 10K shaped your career? Helped you advance your skills?

As a 10K Expert, I’ve been able to work with some high profile clients, which elevated my service capabilities and confidence. The variety of projects has also exposed me to more products and skillsets so my depth and breadth of knowledge in the Salesforce ecosystem have grown considerably.

Why do you like being part of the 10K Community?

I can rely upon high levels of expertise and service when I work with other 10K experts. And the 10K leadership is caring, approachable, and socially responsible. Basically, I enjoy many of the benefits that come with being part of a company with none of the drawbacks that come with being an employee!

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