Emily Hinck

Salesforce Solution Architect, Consultant

“Being part of the 10K Community gave me the confidence to become an independent consultant, a dream I had for a long time. 10K continues to give me confidence in my projects, knowing that if a need arises beyond my skill or availability that I have a way to support my client and get the work accomplished. ”

Favorite adventure: Colorado backcountry in the winter

How does working with 10K help you build your business?

Connecting with 10K is what helped me believe it is possible to even start my own business and be independent. Without 10K, this may have never happened!

What are some of your favorite parts about being an independent Salesforce expert?

I have a growing family – a three-year-old daughter and another one on the way. My partner’s work can be very demanding and as an Air Force reservist, there are times when he is largely unavailable. Being able to do the work that I love but with a less demanding schedule based on what our family needs at any given time is really fulfilling. Working with clients who understand that prioritization in my life means the world to me. While I believe that work-life balance is jargon and always in flux, I’m making strides toward a balance that feels right for me, my family, and my clients – and I love that!

How does working with 10K let you focus on the work you love?

I know that if I run into a requirement with a client that is not within my expertise or availability, that I have a resource to call. This allows me to be a bit less cautious or hesitant when taking on new clients and projects. I know that I can do the work that I love and have deep experience in and that I can call in other resources to support if needed.

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