Devon Allen

Enterprise Applications Lead, Hyland

“10K took care in matching us with experts who had the right skills and experience — not just a contractor who was waiting to fill a seat.”

Industry: Computer Software

What was the goal of your work with 10K?

Over the past 18 months, our internal teams have been working through several acquisitions at an aggressive pace. These acquisitions included Hyland inheriting several new products, completing six integrations, and consolidating those into the primary Hyland Salesforce org. Acting as an extension of our team, 10K supported Hyland on two fronts with our Nuxeo acquisition: data migration and configuration of baseline needs. 

How did you get everything done?

Half of my team and our in-house Salesforce implementation partners were already consumed with other acquisition work at the point we needed to migrate Nuxeo’s data. If we pulled those teams off that critical work, we would have added another three months to those timelines. This data migration work was a complex project, and we simply didn’t have the capacity to get it done. 10K Experts were not only able to start quickly and seamlessly, but one of their Architects also provided the specialized skills necessary to successfully migrate Netsuite data. 

How did working with 10K save you time and/or money?

Migrating data and integrating our systems yielded some notable cost reduction because we were able to retire three legacy systems — a CRM, ERP, and a customer success tool. 10K’s on-demand talent model also saved us considerable overhead time. With 10K our start-up time was nearly half of the expected time; we were introduced in March and started work 8 weeks later. 

Why did you choose 10K as your partner?

10K prioritizes the customer requirements above anything else. Their on-demand talent model wasn’t new to Hyland, but we knew 10K was different because their Salesforce experts are vetted and proven. We needed Salesforce talent with specialized skills and experience to get this project done, and 10K took care in matching us with the right people — not just a contractor who was waiting on the bench. 

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