David Ragsdale

Salesforce Architect

“Life is to be lived. With 10K helping me find clients and manage the day-to-day business tasks, I can spend more time exploring the beauty around me. ”

Favorite adventure: The one I haven’t been on. I strive to enjoy and experience the beauty around us every day.

What was your first “ah-ha!” moment before going independent in the Salesforce ecosystem?

It was less of an “ah-ha” moment about entrepreneurship and more about being in the right place at the right time. Here’s the short version of how I started my own Salesforce consultancy: 

I started my first CRM company in the early 90s. Around 2003 I retired, and two years later, I realized I was bored and ready for a new adventure with Salesforce – that’s when I got into independent consulting. My career eventually led me to take a full-time role at Appirio (now Wipro).

As we all know, Appirio was a successful company, but as soon as I saw them going down the acquisition path, I decided to get back into independent consulting. That’s when I set up my own LLC. 

Shortly thereafter, the pandemic hit, and Wipro started laying off employees. It was all divine timing. I jumped at the opportunity to go full-time with independent consulting. 

What are some of your favorite parts about being an independent Salesforce expert? 

I consider myself semi-retired despite my workload saying otherwise. That said, the freedom independent consulting brings is my favorite part. I get to take on interesting projects, which is especially important after touching nearly every type of project over the course of my career. I also love how I get to choose to work with great people. 

The freedom to travel is also a big one. My goal in the early 90s was to work wherever my heart desired. Today, I can work in the middle of Glacier National Park if I want to. 

How does working with 10K let you focus on the work you love?

Before 10K, I spent so much time invoicing clients and hustling to secure my next project. I love how 10K manages those responsibilities so that I can focus on project work. I also love the community they’ve curated for independent consultants. 

Being independent can be a lonely venture. The 10K Expert Community is a fantastic support system that reassures me I’m not alone in my thoughts and issues. We’re all there for each other, and there’s comfort in knowing I can reach out anytime for support. 

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