Andrea Arceneaux

CTO, AuditMate

“10K Experts hit the ground running from our first interaction. Our only surprise was seeing a short-term initiative turn into a game-changing partnership to help us create our Salesforce Center of Excellence.”

Industry: SaaS elevator auditing and management

What was the goal of your work with 10K?

In the beginning, we were looking for a technical partner to help us continue to develop innovative solutions while managing our existing Apex codebase. The 10K team was able to quickly provide the right experts and helped us through a seamless transition.

As the partnership grew, we worked together to build out a world-class Salesforce Center of Excellence. Central to our Salesforce COE was the deployment of a full DevOps solution for both our internal and external customers. This DevOps solution has enabled us to build additional products for our customers and bring more vendors onto our experience platform. 

As an Agile team, it was important to us that 10K Experts, from developers to architects, valued the same mission. They proved this by asking the right questions and providing recommendations on solutioning. This success has resulted in our long-term partnership with 10K!

How did you get everything done?

One of our most impactful projects with 10K was restructuring our data architecture and the data migration efforts that followed. This was mission-critical for us because we were rapidly scaling and our entire business operations were reliant upon the infrastructure we had in place. 

Another project that the team helped us with was automating some of our auditing processes – the backbone of our business and the value we provide to our customers. From building requirements to roadmapping, QA testing, and every Agile step in between, working with 10K has been an asset to our IT team.

How did working with 10K save you time and/or money?

Throughout this process, we’ve realized you don’t necessarily need to hire full-time development resources. It can be more efficient to hire on a project basis – especially when you need specialized skills and quick timelines. It’s hard to quantify, but we’ve saved countless hours and resources that would have been spent on recruiting and onboarding new team members. As the team grew, and the right talent was put in place, we were also able to streamline our IT team and improve our deployment process. 

Why did you choose 10K as your partner?

We were referred to 10K by a fellow Salesforce partner. Through their experience working together, we were confident that this would be a great fit for us too! We started our relationship with trust already in place. Over the last year, our partnership has continued to grow stronger, and we look forward to what the future holds.

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