Salesforce Announces Fast Path To Free Certifications

You can always count on a new Salesforce release to remind you of how important it is to practice ongoing education. Thanks to tri-annual releases and constant innovation by those using the platform, Salesforce is always challenging us to get more value from our investment. 

So with the launch of the Summer ‘20 release last week and rapidly growing Trailhead user trends, it may be a good time for you to explore the abundant educational resources Salesforce has to offer.  

Partner Learning Camp 

Last week we outlined our four recommended ongoing educational resources that independent experts and partners alike can benefit from. Interestingly enough, this past week Salesforce also promoted that if you’re a Salesforce Partner, you have access to Fast Path – a curated, certification-specific learning program that was designed to fast-track those who are preparing to take a certification exam with key exam topics, deep-dive resources, and exam tips. While there’s a growing list of Fast Paths available in the Partner Learning Camp, Trailhead made an effort to highlight the following in-demand certifications (some of which you may recognize from our own 2020 Certification Scholarship Program):

  • Community Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • CPQ
  • Field Service (coming soon)
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant (coming soon)
  • Service Cloud (coming soon)

Why Use Fast Path?

Just this week, Trailhead for Partners announced a new incentive to roll up your sleeves and commit to the certification you’ve been working toward. The deal is if you complete any Fast Path curricula in Partner Learning Camp, you’ll receive a free voucher for the certification exam (a $200 value). Not only do we think this a solid offer from Salesforce, but at 10K, we’re always excited to see the promotion of ongoing education to help drive the ecosystem forward.  

Check Out Our Ongoing Education Webinar With Trailhead SVP, Amy Regan Morehouse

We have yet another way you can expand your Salesforce learning best practices. Check out our latest “Ask The Expert” webinar featuring Trailhead SVP Amy Regan Morehouse. 


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