News: How to Find Scarce Experts

Technology journalist and author, John Edwards, interviews talent acquisition experts for an InformationWeek article on how to find scarce technical experts. 10K Advisors CEO Nick Hamm weighs in on why companies need to be open to different employment models, including the use of independent consultants and contractors. 

“Companies need to explore different models of employment if they want access to the best and the brightest job candidates, observed Nick Hamm, CEO of 10K Advisors, a Salesforce consulting firm. “Some of the most talented professionals are choosing to leave full-time employment to pursue freelancing careers or start their own small consulting companies as a way to gain more balance or reduce commute times,” he advised. “If companies want access to these individuals, they’ll need the right processes and mindset in place to incorporate contract employees into core teams.” Using a talent broker to find the right experts, vet them and apply them inside an organization to solve business problems can alleviate many of the challenges people may now have tapping into the gig economy, Hamm added.”

Click here to read the full article and learn more about how to find in-demand experts, such as Salesforce developers and architects.


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