Press Release: Salesforce Ecosystem May Be Innovating Faster Than Talent Can Keep Pace

2018 Salesforce Talent Ecosystem Report from 10K Advisors finds number of technical jobs requiring Salesforce skills outpacing the talent pool by 10:1, roles still dominated by men

Louisville, KY – Sept. 18, 2018 10K Advisors today released its first annual Salesforce Talent Ecosystem Report to better understand the state of supply and demand for Salesforce-related jobs in established markets such as North America, Europe and Australia, as well as emerging markets like South America, China and Africa. In analyzing data for the four most common Salesforce-specific roles (Administrator, Consultant, Developer and Technical Architect), 10K Advisors’ research identifies a growing divide between the number of available jobs that require a Salesforce skill set and the talent needed to fill those roles.

Technical Skills are in High Demand — And Command Higher Pay

The report found that Salesforce Developer job openings outpace available talent by 4:1, meaning there are 4 job listings for every self-identified Salesforce Developer. For Technical Architects, the highest paid and most in demand role, that ratio jumps to an astounding 10:1.

10K Advisors found that self-identified Technical Architects make up less than 2 percent of the Salesforce-related profiles on LinkedIn in established markets. In emerging markets that are key to future growth, that number drops to less than one percent. Salesforce reported that the number of Technical Architect jobs has grown by more than 40 percent annually over the last 4 years, indicating that while growth within this crucial role is significant it may still not be enough to keep pace with demand.  

Market research has shown that jobs requiring Salesforce skills are growing faster than the overall market and that they pay more than jobs that don’t require the Salesforce skill set. Furthermore, deep technical skills are in greatest demand and command the highest salaries — more than $150,000 annually in some markets.

Gender Gap Still High in Technical Roles

Evaluating the skills gap through the gender lens reveals a more stark picture. 10K Advisors’ analysis indicates that while there is near parity in less technical roles, higher paying technical roles such as Developer and Technical Architect are still overwhelmingly male. In established markets, only 20 percent of Developers are female and that figure drops to 10 percent for Technical Architects. This gap demonstrates an opportunity for women to learn more technical skill sets and capitalize on the higher-paying Salesforce roles that are in greater demand. With Salesforce’s free Trailhead learning platform, individuals can develop many of the Salesforce technical skills that will help advance their career.

Significant Portion of Salesforce Professionals Working at Smaller Consultancies

In response to the high demand for talent, a growing number of small consultancies and freelancers are cropping up, but these constitute hard-to-reach sources of Salesforce talent. The Salesforce ecosystem now boasts more than 1,000 consulting partners, representing more than 28,000 certified Salesforce professionals. While the number of partners is broad, talent is much more consolidated. The top 10 partners account for 55 percent of Salesforce professionals in the partner ecosystem, scattering the remaining 45 percent across smaller firms, including more than 700 with fewer than 10 Salesforce professionals.

These numbers don’t take into account the more than 5,000 Salesforce-specific freelancers in various online marketplaces who are embracing the “gig economy.” For small to medium-sized businesses who lack the time and resources, navigating through all of the available options to find the right fit can be both time consuming and costly.

“The perfect storm of low unemployment, high turnover in tech jobs and Salesforce’s seemingly unstoppable growth is making it increasingly difficult for customers and partners to find and keep the talent they need to effectively execute their Salesforce initiatives,” said Nick Hamm, chief executive officer of 10K Advisors. “As Salesforce continues their spree of acquisitions and adds more advanced features, businesses are going to require even more specialized and technical roles to realize the full benefits of the Salesforce platform. Given that the talent gap already exists, this could put Salesforce projects at risk for many businesses.”


10K Advisors’ first annual Salesforce Talent Ecosystem Report combined and analyzed existing third party research and primary research conducted by 10K Advisors using publicly available data sources, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, PayScale, Salesforce AppExchange and Salesforce Trailhead. All third party data used in the report has been cited. The report focuses on four of the most common roles used in Salesforce programs: Administrator, Developer, Technical Architect and Consultant. While this does not encompass all roles, it gives a broad perspective on the different types of skill sets needed to meet the current and emerging demand.

About 10K Advisors

10K Advisors is a modern consultancy that provides mid-to-large size companies with on-demand access to proven Salesforce talent. Its unique model is flexible, easy to manage and delivers the results business leaders need without the headaches and over-promises they’ve come to expect from technology consultancies. With a mission to give people the freedom to excel at the work they love,10K prides itself on creating a trusted community of experienced Salesforce architects, admins, developers and industry experts who get to focus on what they love and deliver great results. More information about 10K can be found at or by following 10K on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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