Meet Matt Gvazdinskas, 10K’s New Chief Strategy Officer

Today we are thrilled to announce the addition of Matt Gvazdinskas to 10K’s executive leadership team as our first-ever Chief Strategy Officer. 

As our new CSO, Matt will capitalize on 10K’s momentum, leading the charge on identifying key strategic objectives and providing the structure necessary to bring them to life. 

Matt has a storied Salesforce career and has been a friend of 10K for a number of years – he’s also a longtime Louisville-local like our CEO, Nick Hamm. With decades of experience in boutique Salesforce consulting operations, working with startups, and most recently, successfully navigating a startup acquisition, Matt’s background makes him an awesome fit for the exciting journey ahead. Get to know Matt and his goals for 10K this year. 

You’re 10K’s first Chief Strategy Officer. What is your vision for this role and what are you most excited to accomplish in your first year?

10K has tremendous people and momentum built on customer and expert success. I see the CSO role having two main objectives: 

  1. Enable continued momentum for our team by providing support when needs arise.
  2. Work with Nick and the leadership team to identify key strategic objectives, take responsibility for the execution of those initiatives, and free the rest of the team as much as possible to grow their respective business functions.

My first year is all about building scalability into everything we do. I have a roadmap in place that will quickly guide us to some amazing outcomes on foundational projects. I think we’ll make a real difference that will be felt by our customers, experts, and anyone that interacts with the 10K team. From there, it’s a constant cycle of evaluating goals and priorities and iterating to keep us on track.

Our on-demand model is pretty unique in the industry. Why do you believe in the model and why do you think what we’re doing matters so much in the ecosystem?

I’ve worked with a variety of large and small SI’s, ISV’s, and internal Salesforce practices and they all shared one challenge – finding and retaining experienced Salesforce talent. 

10K’s on-demand talent model is unlike anything in the Salesforce ecosystem. We’re giving customers and partners the ability to tap into a reliable and experienced talent pool so they can focus on solving business problems. At the end of the day, that’s what everyone is out here trying to do – get project work done. 

We’re also uniquely positioned to help make that happen in today’s business climate. Whether widespread layoffs are on the horizon or not, customers still expect to get more value out of their Salesforce investment. And given Salesforce’s rapid product evolution, maintaining internal expertise to keep up with it all – business acumen, technical skills, etc., eCommerce, project management, etc. – is next to impossible. 

That’s where 10K steps in. We connect customers with on-demand Salesforce experts, exactly when they need them, to level up their Salesforce program. 

You’ve accomplished a lot in your career so far, why is 10K your next move?

Thank you! Yes, I’m very proud of everything I’ve experienced and accomplished in my career. When thinking about my next adventure, two things were really important to me:

  1. Finding a role that allows me to leverage my experience as a product-led growth and execution-minded professional. 
  2. Working with people that “get it.”

Nick has built an impressive team of people that truly know how to serve the market and put customers first. The role of CSO is one that Nick and I imagined together, so it was easy for me to envision what it would look like to be at 10K. I feel accountability and excitement for contributing to its success. 

10K’s vision is to give people the freedom to excel at the work they love. How do you see yourself and your role in this vision?

I love our mission. Internally, I want to establish smart processes and systems to free up our team so they can focus on working with our customers and experts. Externally, I want to help as many experts achieve their goals as possible by expanding the 10K Expert Community. This will naturally benefit our customers by giving them new levels of access to the diverse skill sets we offer on-demand.

What is your favorite adventure?

I love being outdoors, especially in the mountains. I also love challenging myself with mountain biking. Riding with my younger brother (who is a beast) in Colorado definitely pushes my physical limits. I’ve also really enjoyed watching my two sons fall in love with skiing. That’s something my parents did for me growing up, and I am really thrilled to be able to give my kids those experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.



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