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Meet Amanda Bittner, 10K’s New Delivery Manager

Today, we proudly announce that Amanda Bittner has joined the 10K team as our first dedicated Delivery Manager!

Like many in the Salesforce ecosystem, Amanda fell into her career accidentally. Shortly after starting law school in Australia and realizing law was not her passion, Amanda jumped into technology sales. Her tech career led her from project management in the public policy sector to serving as a Salesforce trainer for a consulting firm and holding various roles within the Salesforce consulting world, including associate, consultant, director, administrator, architect, and manager. With eight years of experience, Amanda has honed a unique set of skills as a delivery management expert.

Read on to get to know Amanda, what she appreciates most about our approach to Salesforce consulting, and how her role will add value to the 10K Community.

You’re 10K’s first Delivery Manager. What is your vision for the role, and what are you most excited to accomplish in your first year? 

My vision for this first year feels like a kaleidoscope. When I consider 10K’s growth since its founding nearly eight years ago, I can see the variety of beautiful pieces and shapes that have made the company what it is today. The 10K team has embraced and capitalized on its unique blend of expertise to build a one-of-its-kind company. 

In this first year, I’m eager to bring my perspective and skills into view. As the company’s first dedicated Delivery Manager, it will be my job to capitalize on 10K’s proven processes and create an exceptional delivery experience for our customers, experts, partners, and internal team.  

10K’s on-demand consulting model is unique in our industry. Why do you believe in the model, and why do you think what we’re doing matters so much in the Salesforce ecosystem?

Salesforce is a textbook disruptor whose commitment to innovation has paved the way for a thriving and growing ecosystem. 10K is on the same path with our on-demand consulting services. We are leading an overdue and necessary shakeup to the traditional consulting model from the top down. 

I’m passionate about Salesforce and 10K because I believe in one of their shared core values: trust. We have earned the trust of our experts, customers, and partners to provide an exceptional experience with every engagement.

10K’s vision is to give people the freedom to excel at the work they love. How do you see yourself and your role in this vision?

To create freedom, you have to eliminate what weighs you down. My role is to identify the areas where I can relieve a burden for our internal team, our customers, and our experts so that they can gain more strength, support, and flexibility to excel at what they love to do. 

What is your favorite adventure?

My favorite adventure is the adventure I have not had yet. I have been incredibly blessed to have traveled to six continents, lived in three countries, and done some incredible things. However, I also know that there is an adventure in the ordinary, too, and I try to live out each day, finding some adventure. Whether it is big or small, near or far! Next on my adventure bucket list are Patagonia and to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro. 



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