Fresh Off the Exam: Community Cloud Certification Advice From a Salesforce Expert

Q&A With 10K Expert, Rita Leverett

Part of what makes Salesforce so special is its community members and their commitment to driving the ecosystem forward through ongoing education and innovation. With the pandemic, however, we know unique circumstances may have made it more challenging to achieve new certifications. 

That said, since the start of COVID, we’ve been so genuinely impressed by our experts’ enduring engagement and ability to adapt. That Trailblazer drive and commitment to learning is what inspired us to create our first Certification Scholarship Program at the beginning of the year. 

Promoting a culture of learning is a priority for 10K. Not only is ongoing education a core pillar of successful COEs, it’s also essential in getting the most out of Salesforce. Upskilling with new certifications, especially in high-demand areas, can advance a Salesforce expert’s career and provide a competitive edge. For our scholarship program, 10K Experts were able to apply for one of the following high-demand certifications: Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Mulesoft, or Field Service Lightning. 

Despite the trying circumstances of the pandemic, our certification scholarship recipients are in the process of completing their exams and eager to share their insight. For first-hand advice from our experts fresh off the exam, stay tuned to our blog.  

Q: Which tools or resources did you use to prepare for your certification exam and would you recommend them?

I used a combination of Trailhead and the FocusOnForce Community Cloud study guide. I found these to be incredibly helpful and would recommend them for anyone studying for this particular exam. 

Q: Why Community Cloud? Was there a specific reason you chose this certification?

Community Cloud wasn’t my first choice because I was already studying for the Platform Developer II certification, so I would have chosen that if it had been offered through the scholarship program. I have the most work experience in Community Cloud and I was confident I could pass the exam on the first attempt.

Q: Was the Community Cloud exam what you envisioned it would be or were there any curveballs?

I felt that the answer to some of the questions should have been “None of the above.” For example, there was a reference to Files Connect, and my studies referenced Salesforce Connect so I wasn’t sure if that was the same thing or not. Salesforce Connect was never listed as an answer, so that threw me off a bit. This made me a bit nervous during the exam but it worked out okay in the end.

Q: If you’ve completed a certification exam before, did you notice or feel COVID had any impact on the process?

I was planning to wait until after COVID to take any more exams, but with the scholarship program, I figured why not! I had the option of taking the exam online without an external webcam. I didn’t take advantage of this because the testing center was open and I was allowed to use scratch paper. I must have my scratch paper! Also, going in person we, of course, had to wear a mask and sit socially distanced (although that’s not too far from the norm for these exams). The atmosphere definitely felt a bit different, but I was glad to be able to take it in person. 

Q: Do you have any plans in-store with your new certification? 

I currently have six active certifications and one retired one, so with Community Cloud, I’m hoping to be more marketable. I also have a bit of work experience with Community Cloud already, so I look forward to opportunities that will allow me to work more with it. 

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