Celebrating Independents: Why Now is the Time to Take the Leap

This week we’re celebrating independence. We’re not only honoring our independence as a nation, but we’re also celebrating Independents Week by recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit and freedom embodied by our independent consultants. Our 10K team has worked in the Salesforce consulting ecosystem for many years. In that time we’ve seen thousands of companies — from multi-billion dollar conglomerates to one person startups — use Salesforce to transform their business and strengthen their relationship with customers. 

Business and IT professionals understand the potential of Salesforce — in fact, our recent survey revealed that 97 percent of respondents reported their Salesforce implementation delivers ROI. But many of our customers are confused by the complexity of their system, or are frustrated with an implementation that went off the rails, or can’t find the guidance or skills they need to fulfill the ultimate promise of the platform. This is why we founded 10K Advisors – to match Salesforce experts with businesses and ultimately unlock the potential of Salesforce. 

Looking Back on Our Journey – Celebrating Our Three Year Anniversary 

This week marks my fifth year as an entrepreneur and third year as CEO of 10K Advisors. There have been a lot of fun milestones along the way, like signing our first contract, adding members to the team, seeing the cool stuff we’ve done with our customers and experts. Seeing validation of our business model in the Salesforce ecosystem has been one of the most personally satisfying parts of the journey, and we’re excited to stay on the forefront of the future of work with the help and partnership of our customers and experts. 

From Admin to Entrepreneur: How 10K Can Help

Salesforce consultants are in hot demand, but we realize that being a one-person or small team startup can be very challenging. There is always the risk of customers not paying on time, projects slowing down, having the skill demand in the market pass your capabilities or experience, or just wearing yourself down working crazy hours to meet the demands of running a business. 

Our first goal in starting the company was to make it easier for those who have the desire to be independent be able to focus on doing the work they love instead of having to worry about chasing customers down for payments, sitting on sales call after sales call to find new work, or even worse, having to take work that wasn’t ideal just to pay the bills. 

Celebrating independent consultants and small businesses is important to me because I’ve personally seen the benefits these endeavors can have. Improved work/life balance, greater sense of accomplishment, building an asset of your own vs someone else’s, making work what you want it to be – those are just a few of the benefits the independent lifestyle affords. We are advocates for our experts and provide them a support system and safety net to ensure they are successful in whatever they do. This allows them to attain the balance and freedom that being independent promises.

Introducing The Salesforce Independents Series

We’re celebrating Independents Week by profiling successful entrepreneurs within the Salesforce community on the 10K blog. Each day we’ll introduce you to a member of the 10K community who has expertly navigated his or her own successful venture as a Salesforce independent consultant. Follow along with us at #IndependentsWeek and #GoIndependent as we give a peek into each person’s journey to independence, lessons learned along the way, and advice for others who might be interested in joining the thriving Salesforce ecosystem.



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