Celebrating 10K Independents Week: How to Build a Salesforce Business You Love 

Next week, 10K is celebrating what it means to be independent. Not only are we honoring our independence as a nation but also the entrepreneurial spirit and freedom embodied by our independent Experts in the 10K Community. 

10K Advisors was founded on a simple goal: Give people the freedom to do the work they love. Now, four years later, our 10K Community of independent Salesforce experts is 400+ strong and growing. We’re humbled that our original mission has resonated across the globe. From achieving a true work/life balance to building a business to call your own, we will continue to advocate for our Experts and provide them a support system to ensure they are successful in whatever they do. 

How to Follow 10K Independents Week

Next week, stay tuned to our blog for Q&As with some of 10K’s brightest independent Experts as we explore what it takes to build a business, how to overcome doubt, and advice for other Salesforce experts with an entrepreneurial spirit. You can follow the conversation at #10KIndependentsWeek. In the meantime, check out the 10K Advisors Story on our Vimeo. 




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