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Build a custom user experience

An optimized user interface that helps your users better engage with your Salesforce system can increase adoption, improve your data quality, and ultimately improve your user satisfaction. Creating a custom experience can be easier than you think, and can be crafted through Lightning components, Visualforce pages, and more.

Average time to deliver: 5-6 business days
Starting cost: $500

Automate a process

Automating repetitive, manual processes within your Salesforce system can save your users time, make your life easier, and provide more accurate, real-time data. Triggers and custom workflow rules can help across hundreds of use cases, whether that’s automating the creation of an order or opportunity or summarizing metrics on account records.

Average time to deliver: 3-4 business days
Starting cost: $250

Check my org’s health

Bad code or poor architecture design can create suboptimal user experiences, prevent you from introducing new functionality, or hurt your reputation among users and customers. It’s never too late to check up on the quality of your Apex code, analyze your metadata or review your security architecture to make sure you’re still following best practices and have evolved with the Salesforce platform.

Average time to deliver: 1-4 business days
Starting cost: $250

Analyze my data

Enable your teams to make more data-driven decisions and allow them to work smarter, not harder by providing custom dashboards, reports or data visualizations. The Salesforce platform offers so much when it comes to visualizing and analyzing your data. Are you using these capabilities to the fullest extent?

Average time to deliver: 3-4 business days
Starting cost: $350

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