10K Independents Week with Jeff Mevorah

The 10K mission is to give people the freedom to do more of the work they love. For Salesforce customers, that means building solutions that bring business initiatives to life and make users’ lives easier. For our independent Salesforce experts, it’s about connecting them with cool projects and customers that speak to their passions and interests. Today we are featuring Jeff Mevorah, an independent Salesforce technical consultant, and entrepreneur. 

How did you know it was time to go independent?

I worked at a few different SI (system integration) partners and then an in-house client team right up until I went independent. 

Working with partners, my Salesforce work touched every aspect of the project lifecycle – business development, project management, etc. – so burn-out was constant. I transitioned to an in-house client team for a change of pace, but that’s when I realized I missed hands-on consulting. Going independent just made sense. 

What did your first few months look like?

I went independent in March and my first few months have been great. However, I will admit it was scary to take the plunge. There was also a lot of internal questioning. Will I be working even more hours? Do I have the resources to make it happen? Is this even possible? 

In the end, the calculated risk was worth it. I saw an opportunity and couldn’t resist. Yes, there’s added responsibility, like building and maintaining a sales pipeline, client relationships, etc. but the freedom being independent affords is the best part. 

What have you grown to love about being an independent consultant?

I get to choose the number of hours I want to work and build a schedule that fits my lifestyle. I live in Colorado, so I plan around the weather for the things I love – skiing, hiking, and being outside. 

Owning the ability to say yes or no to certain projects is also a great part of being independent. You don’t have that luxury with full-time jobs. It’s been awesome to lean on my network of previous partners I’ve worked with for new projects. These are people I’ve worked with and like working with – it’s a win-win. 

Are there any lessons you can share from your journey?

Think like an entrepreneur and get yourself out there. Tell everyone about your new journey. At first, I was hesitant to post on LinkedIn and promote myself, but I realized I had to get out of my head. My network has shown me an outpouring of support. It’s also a major source for project leads. The Salesforce community is incredibly supportive.



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