Jackie Teravainen

Owner, BoldPeak, Inc.

“As an independent Salesforce consultant, 10K Task helps me take on more projects without the headaches and variables that come with subcontracting. Their expert talent saved me countless hours of learning a new skill and delivered the optimal solution for my client.”

Industry: Management Consulting, Salesforce Implementation

What business challenge were you trying to solve? 

My client needed deeper insight into their customer caseload. They wanted their service reps to be notified if an account’s case count reached a certain threshold within a rolling 7-day period, which would allow reps to engage with additional assistance as needed. The team at 10K Task built a custom trigger and process that provided my client with the specific data they needed to ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

What made you decide to use 10K Task? 

My Salesforce consultancy is a team of one, so I’ve used 10K experts in the past to support my projects. Having that trust in 10K’s talent pool gave me confidence that 10K Task would provide the outcome I knew I needed, but couldn’t complete on my own. Writing code is just outside my comfort zone so it would have taken me weeks, at best, to learn to do this myself or hire the right person for the job. With 10K Task, there were no surprises. The pricing was transparent, the turn-around time was as promised, and the quality ensured. 

What’s next now that this project is complete? 

After seeing how a custom-built trigger helps their users provide a more high-touch customer experience, my client now wants to automate a customer satisfaction survey. Partnering with 10K Task will help deliver another high-quality, custom solution for my client. And I will keep my ears open with other clients when they ask for things outside of my wheelhouse. I know I can lean on 10K Task in those situations moving forward.

As an independent consultant, what do you feel are the benefits of using a service like 10K Task?

Having an on-demand service like 10K Task will not only help me take on more work but also work that may be outside of my comfort zone. Knowing that I have access to proven talent gives me the confidence to say “Yes, I can provide a solution for this” without having to command all the necessary skills and precious time. With 10K Task, my team of one just got bigger, and my service offerings did too.

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