An on-demand Salesforce consultancy built for the new way people work

We knew there was a better way

When we started 10K in 2016, we saw demand for a new type of Salesforce partner. We had been working at one of the top consultancies within the Salesforce partner ecosystem, and saw two trends happening:

Customers were getting fed up with the same broken consulting practices from traditional software, which were now making their way into the Salesforce ecosystem. Tired of long sales cycles, multi-year contracts, and paying exorbitant rates for inexperienced “experts”, customers wanted to move faster, to iterate and evolve.

At the same time, many of our fellow Salesforce MVPs were leaving traditional employment for the flexibility and opportunity of being their own boss.

Fast forward and both trends are accelerating. There are now 1,800 Salesforce consulting companies listed on the AppExchange, and two thirds of these have less than 10 certified experts. That means lots of choices, but it’s easy to get lost and hard to be found in a market of this size.

We saw an opportunity to bring Salesforce Trailblazers together in a way that benefits the companies that rely on Salesforce, and the independent consultants who make Salesforce sing. Our model is simple. We work with customers to understand exactly what they need and help them get that work done in a way that fits their needs, not how it’s always been done. Pay for what you use. Scale up and down as needed. Trust the work you’re getting.

For our customers, this means you can focus on making an impact for your business instead of pouring your time into finding, vetting, and retaining hard-to-find experts.

For our experts, this means you can focus on doing great work and solving challenges with the Salesforce platform, not dealing with the headaches of managing business logistics.

Our purpose

To give people the freedom to excel at the work they love.

We want to make it easier – not harder – for people to do the work they want to do. Work that makes an impact. Work that is interesting. Work that has value. Work that doesn’t feel like work.

Our values

Earn trust

This above all else. We do this by being dependable, honest and showing integrity.

Be growth-minded

We are driven, passionate, and are always looking to learn and evolve.

Be a problem solver

We are proactive, creative and entrepreneurial at heart.

Be a leader

This requires strength of character and always setting the right example.

Our team


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Customer Officer


Board Advisor

Our experts

Our curated community of Salesforce experts represent some of the hardest-to-find, hardest-to-retain roles and skills in the Salesforce ecosystem, and are based across the globe.

Our services

10K Task

Reduce your backlog one task at a time. Small improvements to your Salesforce system can make a big difference. A 10K Expert is on standby ready to get started on a variety of common use cases.

10K Advisors

Breathe new life into your Salesforce program. Hire a 10K Expert or team to support a new Salesforce initiative, fix or make enhancements to an existing system, backfill a position, or scale your internal team.

Not sure which model fits your needs? Let’s Talk!

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Whether you have questions on the Experts in our 10K Community, how Salesforce customers and partners are working with us, or have an urgent need to discuss, we’re here for you.