2023 Salesforce Talent Ecosystem Report

Gain insight into the ever-evolving
Salesforce talent market

Our sixth annual report analyzes the trends impacting a growing number of people worldwide who provide or need Salesforce-focused skills. This report covers global Salesforce talent supply, customer demand, and the sprawling Salesforce partner ecosystem.

Key Findings

Talent Supply

Global talent supply grew 28% YoY and accelerated across most roles and regions 

Developer Supply

Developers had the highest supply growth across established markets, at 31% YoY

Admins Return

After a surprising decline last year, Admin supply growth saw a healthy return at 28% YoY

Partner Ecosystem​

The number of consulting partners on AppExchange grew 19% (highest growth rate since 2020)

Talent Demand

This year saw a significant drop in global demand for Salesforce talent at -46% YoY

Certified Experts

The overall number of certified experts across all partners grew more than 100% since 2022