2019 Salesforce Talent Ecosystem Report

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In its second annual report, 10K analyzes the supply, demand and partner trends impacting the growing Salesforce talent ecosystem — an ecosystem that IDC expects will create 4.2M jobs and $1.2 trillion in new business revenue by 2024. Read on to learn more about which regions and roles are seeing the highest (and lowest) YoY growth, which skills are most in-demand, and the progress of Salesforce’s diversity efforts in the talente ecosystem.

Key Findings

Salesforce Talent

Salesforce talent supply grows +151% YoY with growth higher among admin roles

Offshore Developers

39% of global Salesforce developer talent resides in India

Project Outsourcing

Integration and development projects are most likely to be handled externally

Provider Growth

The number of service providers on Salesforce AppExchange grew 23% YoY

Talent Shares

Talent concentration disperses beyond Salesforce’s top 30 partners, decreasing 5% YoY

Trending Skills

Sales Cloud skills are most in-demand yet technical and specialized skills are the hardest to source and retain.

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