Meet Lynnea Gibbs, 10K’s New VP of Alliances

Today we are thrilled to announce the addition of Lynnea Gibbs to 10K’s leadership team as our first-ever VP of Alliances. Lynnea brings over 20 years of tech industry experience and for the past ten years, she has worked closely with Salesforce and its ecosystem.

Lynnea has a proven track record of building winning sales and business programs in fast-growth markets. She is the ideal person to bring our partner alliances program to life. 

Read on to learn more about Lynnea and how her deep expertise will help us deliver even more value to our customers and talent community.

You’re 10K’s first VP of Alliances. What is your vision for this role, and what are you most excited to accomplish in your first year?

The goal for my first year is simple: build a world-class partner program from the ground up. 

For the past several years, 10K has worked to develop the foundation to support both our ISV partners and our expert community. It’s an honor to find and onboard 10K’s first wave of partners and create win-win opportunities for everyone involved. 

As the first VP of Alliances at 10K, there are two important aspects to my vision for the role.

I’m here to build on 10K’s success and develop a partnership program to multiply learning and revenue opportunities for our expert community. It will also expose best-in-breed applications to an independent workforce who can then bring their solutions to their clients! 

The past nearly seven years have positioned us for this moment. We’re ready to lay one strategic ISV partnership after another and scale sustainably. 

Our on-demand model is unique in the industry. Why do you believe in the model, and why do you think what we’re doing matters so much in the ecosystem?

I love how our on-demand talent model creates more value for customers, independent consultants, and Salesforce. Their deep expertise and years of consulting experience enable customers to get smarter on the platform and build a program that truly works. Independent talent is the key to getting more done (faster) and maximizing ROI on a Salesforce investment. 

The 10K Expert Community is home to the world’s most elite Salesforce Architects, Business Analysts, Consultants, Developers, Project Managers, and more. 10K has done a fantastic job at creating a support system to help independent Salesforce consultants sustain their autonomy and grow their businesses. 

10K’s sense of community sold me. It’s a value I hold close to my heart, as it’s become increasingly rare in today’s world. Moving through life takes a village, and no one has to do it alone. 

You’ve accomplished a lot in your career so far. Why is 10K your next move?

I am a visionary and a builder. For my next move, I wanted an opportunity to help build something great but with a strong team who shares my values. We spend most of our time working, which means that, ideally, you are working with people you enjoy and respect.  

10K also has a strong company culture. I truly believe in the model they have created and am excited to prove how it can be taken to the next level with partner alliances. 

10K’s vision is to give people the freedom to excel at the work they love. How do you see yourself contributing to this vision?

Partner alliances will connect our experts with upskilling opportunities to grow their business within the Salesforce ecosystem. With my deep experience in building partnerships and passion for community, I’m excited to focus on building this program with the support from the rest of the 10K team. 

What is your favorite adventure?

My life has been full of wonderful adventures. I’ve raised a beautiful child, traveled the globe, and taken major spills on my mountain bike. Today, I am most excited to set foot on the 10K adventure. We continue to redefine the traditional view of consulting. The opportunity we have at hand is limitless, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a part in it. 

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