2023 - Meet Katie Villanueva

Meet Katie Villanueva, 10K’s New Salesforce Administrator

Today, we proudly announce that Katie Villanueva has joined our team as 10K’s first dedicated Salesforce Administrator for our internal org! 

Katie will be instrumental in supporting the initiatives that advance 10K’s mission: to help more customers and Salesforce experts gain the freedom to excel at the work they love. Her extensive Administrator experience and deep involvement in the Salesforce community make Katie an exciting addition to the 10K team. 

Read on to learn more about Katie, her vision for her new role, and how 10K’s on-demand model is helping Trailblazers across the ecosystem achieve their dreams. 

You’re 10K’s first dedicated Admin. What is your vision for the role, and what are you most excited to accomplish in your first year? 

My first year will be focused on growth and absorbing all of the processes, flows, pain points, and efficiencies within 10K’s platform. The more I understand how the business is set up from the inside out, the more I can flex my Admin muscle and accomplish what I came to do: 

  1. Optimize functionality
  2. Enhance operational efficiencies

Joining 10K, a company that is at the forefront of modern Salesforce consulting, is an awesome opportunity to learn from its team of Salesforce MVP Hall-of-Famers and community of elite Salesforce experts. I’m excited to help transform and carry out 10K’s vision for our internal platform into the future. 

10K’s on-demand consulting model is unique in our industry. Why do you believe in the model, and why do you think what we’re doing matters so much in the Salesforce ecosystem?

There are two layers to my answer. One: I love Salesforce. I love what it can do, I love building it, and I love how it solves business problems and provides a suite of services to provide a full 360 customer experience. I’ve seen how it can transform a company into a well-oiled machine. That’s why it makes me sad when I hear folks say they’ve tried Salesforce, but it didn’t work out, or when businesses get rid of Salesforce because they don’t know how to use it to its full potential. It’s important to me that we give customers an opportunity to evolve and enhance their businesses using Salesforce because everyone deserves a chance to be great at what they do. 

This takes me to the second part: The Trailblazer community. Everyone has hopes and dreams, and if being an independent consultant is the dream or facilitates the dream, then I want to help those people be successful. Everyone deserves happiness, and 10K helps people and businesses achieve their goals. Can it get any better than that? Everybody wins!

10K’s vision is to give people the freedom to excel at the work they love. How do you see yourself and your role in this vision?

Not only will I see the vision, I will embody it. I love to learn and grow and build, and now I get to do it all with an incredible company and people! As 10K’s Salesforce Administrator, I will be their fully dedicated expert to support and sustain the exciting growth we have ahead of us. It will be my responsibility to support an infrastructure that’s well-organized, responsive, and trustworthy. This will pave the way for 10K to create more opportunities for its growing community of Salesforce independent consultants and help more customers maximize their ROI. 

What is your favorite adventure?

In some ways, I feel like the best adventure is yet to come. I’m a Chicago girl who moved to Kentucky to be a farmer, graduated with a degree in radio, was a DJ for a time, and somehow ended up working in tech. Now, I live with my husband in a log cabin on 14 acres with three fainting goats, two dogs, and a garden we’re still trying to find time for. I got into Olympic weightlifting after a few years of CrossFit, am a yoga instructor, and have been rock climbing on and off for the last 20 years. My life has been incredibly unpredictable, but all in all, I’m happy with how it all turned out.



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