2021 Salesforce Talent Ecosystem Report

See this year's top findings

In its fourth annual report, 10K analyzes the trends and statistics that are impacting a growing number of people around the world who provide or need Salesforce-related skills. 

Key Findings

Talent Demand

Global demand is skyrocketing — up 364% YoY

South America

South America saw the highest supply growth overall at 42% YoY

Architect Supply

Technical Architects are still just 1% of the overall talent supply

Partner Ecosystem​

Number of consulting partners on AppExchange grew 14% to over 1,800 

Talent Supply

Global supply growth slowed from 29% in 2020 to 23% in 2021

Certified Experts

Growth in certified experts at partners is up 60% YoY to 67,000

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